What would you do with these diamond rings? We remodelled them into a golden “nugget” necklace and customised statement ring!

Angela had some gold rings and diamonds she hadn’t worn in years, but with such sentimental value, scrapping them for cash just didn’t feel right. 

What if Ana studded a Sabine ring with some diamonds?

And what if Ana used the gold rings to make a necklace, also studded with diamonds?

Ana melted the 18 carat gold rings and formed a lovely gold “nugget” shape, like you might find in a mine. The fabulous diamonds were set in a quirky irregular pattern, to reflect the organic, tactile feel of the “nugget”.

Hung on an oxidised/blackened silver chain, and accompanied by the beaten silver of the Sabine ring, the overall outcome was a very original way to up-cycle and remodel pre-existing jewellery!

Watch how the 18 carat gold turns to jelly when it reaches 1,064°C!