Springing Out of Lockdown

It's May! Nothing's "normal" yet of course, but finally we're starting to relax into the luminous light of spring after that long locked-down winter and the tentative re-openings. Spring is always the most heavenly time of year, and this year it feels like a blessing in every sense!  

So as we enjoy nature's blooms and the early morning birdsong, we find ourselves lifted by the spirit of newfound energy, positivity, and renewal. We see more colours, crave seasonal, healthier foods and are just loving being out and about, exploring our city and its surroundings again, taking in the variety of rich impressions we have missed. 

Might we even make plans?

With warmer months on the horizon, we're starting to get excited about visiting friends and family, maybe even travel?! This pandemic has certainly shown us what is truly important — we've cherished immediate family (maybe even added a dog to the household?) and we've dearly missed seeing friends and our lovely customers!

So as you can imagine, we are thrilled to throw open the doors to our beautiful studio in Chiswick again and to welcome you all back in. Ana has been working away on a new range that is nearly ready to launch, and she has been taking many requests for unique bespoke pieces.  

Many customers have been in touch asking about pieces in our range. Clearly, after such a lengthy lockdown it’s time to treat ourselves, and jewellery is always the perfect gift! 

There’s nothing better than having something new and unique to wear to express our personal sense of style and creativity, not to mention to celebrate returning to life a little more human! So much to celebrate!

We can’t wait to welcome you here, and for those who cannot yet travel to visit us, our online store showcases our complete range — or we can give you a virtual shopping experience via WhatsApp or Zoom!

So however, you choose to do it, it's time to spoil yourself — you definitely deserve it!