Have a creative idea of your own? Keith was thrilled with how we used his design!

“I’ve had this idea for over 30 years… ” said Keith. “Could you use it in an anniversary piece?”

Keith wanted to give his wife a special gift for their big wedding anniversary.

Many years ago, Keith made a sketch of the skeleton of a dry leaf which he found really intriguing. The image had always stayed with him and he always meant to do something special with it.

When Keith approached me, he told me the story and while he didn’t know exactly what he wanted – maybe a ring or a bracelet – he wanted to incorporate his leaf design somehow. 

Susan already had an Ana Verdun piece and loved the chunky yet elegant feel of the designs.

The challenge was to bring the leaf design to the fore, while also crowning the piece with an amethyst, Susan’s favourite stone.

Keith and Susan wanted this to be a piece that would stand the test of time, so while the main ring would be made in sterling silver, it was important that all the details were made in 18 carat gold and not just gold-plate.

“To create the gold “bobble” or granulation border, I needed to score the ring to make a groove for them to sit in, then melt pieces of gold into identically-sized balls, which I then soldered in place around the edge of the ring.”

The result was a beautiful combination of matt/hammered silver and gold which really highlights the purple hues of the amethyst and also brings out Keith’s original leaf design on each side.

“So glad we did this”

Keith and Susan were thrilled with the final result! And now the pubs have finally opened again, they’ll be able to show it off to all their friends too 🙂

This was a hugely enjoyable jewellery commission. Thank you Keith and Susan for asking me to help!

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