Ana Verdun is the founder and creative mind of her brand Ana Verdun London. A brand of fine jewellery handcrafted from her studio in Chiswick, west London.

Ana is a British Venezuelan jewellery designer. Raised in Venezuela by Argentinian parents, she also lived in Lima - Peru for a few years where she first trained in Classical Jewellery.

Ana Verdun Profile Picture

She says "I grew up in a very creative environment, my mother is an illustrator, my father an author. My mum always made sure we focused on something creative, and pointed out that I was always intrigued by the jewellery her friends were wearing. So, I opted for jewellery making. I started my first jewellery training courses with some local craftsmen in a beautiful little area in the mountains outside Caracas in Venezuela. It was an incredibly inspiring setting."

After moving to Europe, Ana then continued her studies at the prestigious Escola Massana in Barcelona, Spain and at Metropolitan University in London. She now continues to work, learn and experiment from her studio in West London.

Ana Verdun London was founded in 2007 and has established a dedicated following around the UK and across the globe. Celebrities proudly sporting her pieces include Oscar nominee Diane Lane, the late TV presenter Jocasta Innes, Vanessa Feltz and the Duchess of Cambridge. Regularly featured extensively in the local and national press, Ana Verdun’s designs are both fashionable accessories and timeless heirlooms.
Over the years, getting to know our clients and seeing how they react to their acquisitions makes a great impact on the development of new pieces and collections.

“It never ceases to amaze me when I observe how my pieces look on other people. There is a magical alchemy to it. One piece can look completely different on another person, and this opens new doors to my imagination. Nothing satisfies me more than my clients saying "Now I can't live without it!”

Ana’s work reflects the inspirational processes drawn from the natural world and ancient symbolism and artefacts. Known for her tasteful handmade collections using traditional techniques, she combines mixed metals and different finishes to introduce colour contrasts, which has become one of her main signatures. She includes very tactile surfaces, incorporating hand-beaten and organic textures to re-create a "perfect imperfect" state.
Ana often strives to create a worn finish as if her pieces are unearthed archaeological finds.

She finds her inspiration in forms and their natural imperfections, shapes and textures, multicultural city environments and ancient decorative arts that have stood the test of time. Ana likes to give her pieces a certain chunkiness and weight while always respecting the need for balance, functionality and elegance.

"As a designer and maker I explore many different themes. Symbolism is always implied in jewellery whether this denotes sentiment, status, protectiveness, astrological meaning, or simply being attracted to the feeling of owning a precious or valuable item, making you feel a little special, unique or different.

But what I always try to emphasise through my work is the relationship that runs through these themes and the making process itself. I start with sketches of ideas and often find my design process matures and is modified while being at the bench where the materials and techniques suggest other possibilities of making and finally achieving existence, becoming these beautiful jewels to share with you.

To me, jewellery should be beautiful. It’s a carrier which expresses your personal narrative and should be made in a way that keeps this alive for generations.”

One of our priorities is keeping luxury handmade in London.
Each piece is created in Chiswick using meticulous craftsmanship and with the assistance of the wonderful network of suppliers in London’s Hatton Garden, with whom Ana works closely. The gold, silver and gemstones are sourced through certified local suppliers that comply to ethical procedures and regulations. 

We are very aware of the challenges in keeping jewellery ecologically sustainable. We recycle whatever we can and work in the most environmentally way possible.
The silver, gold and platinum that we use are sourced in the UK from certified suppliers that adhere to the “EU Standard Compliant Regulations”and that are committed to sourcing these materials in an ethical and sustainable manner.
Ana Verdun’s Collections are made in Sterling Silver (925) without nickel.

We exclusively use 100% recycled fine metals. Additionally, we offer our clients the possibility to re-use their own gold to create their bespoke pieces, as well as for us to produce our own in-house alloys.
We can work in Fairtrade Gold on request, please note this service will affect the final price of your quote.

And finally...

It’s exciting to know that you open your heart to us a little every time you wear a piece from Ana Verdun London. Every single customer is important to us and it's a true honour to have you as part of our adventure of adding a little more beauty to the world.