We're here to help!

And have added some tips and charts to help you to find your correct size.


Please try to provide us with the correct ring size when placing your order. If you have ordered an incorrect size we are able to re-size your ring, but this may be subject to a charge. Please bear in mind that re-sizing rings with gemstones incurs a higher charge than plain rings.

Here are some tips on how to measure your finger:

Step 1
We suggest that you do it at night time when your fingers are at their largest, as when they are cold, your fingers are likely to be contracted and this will not give an accurate size.
Step 2
For the most accurate measurements we recommend that you approach your local jeweller where they use a standard set of ring sizers. The most common set of ring sizers come with both whole and half sizes, e.g. M or M ½. Finding your ring size is a process of trial and error. Kindly ask them to measure your finger.

If you prefer, we can send you a complimentary Ring Sizing Gauge. Just fill in your contact details (including your postal address) on our Contact Us page and we will post one to you.

Please note that this does not guarantee a completely accurate measurement, but is the next best method to sizing in person.
Step 3
The right fit should slide over the knuckle with a little friction and sit comfortably on the finger. The ring shouldn’t pinch your skin or make you feel like the circulation is being restricted to your fingers. It also shouldn’t be so loose on your finger that the ring can easily spin around.

A ring with a wide band such as our Zarek Rings will need to be slightly larger than your normal size as wider bands will feel tighter that narrower bands. We recommend choosing a full size larger than your normal size. For example, if you usually wear a size N for a narrow band, you should choose a size O for a wide band. So please keep this in mind when choosing your size!

When using this chart, it refers to the internal circumference of each ring size.

Necklaces and Chains:

We normally work with standard lengths in inches – 16” (40cm) and 18” (45cm). And for our long pendants, the chain measures 30” (76cm).
Any other sizes are available on request.


Bangles are measured by the inside diameter and we offer 3 different sizes, Small, Medium and Large.

Tips on how to measure your bangle size:

- Place your fist on a flat surface.
- Using a soft measuring tape, measure the width from the middle of the first knuckle to the middle of the fourth knuckle (you may need someone to help you with this).
- Compare your measurement to those in the table below in order to establish your bangle size.

This method is very reliable if done carefully.

BANGLE SIZE MM (Inside diameter)
Small 62
Medium 67
Large 72



Our bracelets are done in standard sizes in inches, 7” (17.78cm) and 7.5” (19cm) depending on the style.
Other sizes are available on request.