Get Spring-Ready With Ana Verdun

There’s something magical about spring.

Nothing feels better than that first day of warm weather. We can finally bask in the sun after a long and cold winter. Everyone seems more social, and the evenings get longer and lighter.

Spring is also a time to start unearthing your summer wardrobe. Whenever a season changes, we get the chance to reinvent ourselves. This is especially true in London, as we tend to have all four seasons in one day!

If you’re starting to curate your spring/summer wardrobe, we’re here to help. jewellery can make or break an outfit, so be sure to think about your spring accessories beforehand. We’ve curated our top Ana Verdun pieces to compliment your April looks. Whether you like simple styles or bold colours, there are options for all tastes.

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Minimalist Styles And Bold jewellery

Minimalist fashion will always be popular. With a neutral colour palette and simple silhouettes, this style is ideal for anyone who wants to look coordinated and elegant.

One of the perks of adopting a minimalist aesthetic is having a blank canvas to play around with bold jewellery. If your spring wardrobe consists of beige and cream fabrics with few details, you can play around with bold jewellery.

We love the Mira Earrings for any minimalist style. These modern earrings offer a fusion of sterling silver and gold plates with an intricate design. When you pair a minimal outfit with these earrings, they’ll stand out and add a touch of refined style to the look.

A selection of neutral looks from Ba&sh and ME&EM
Clothes: A selection from ba&sh and ME&EM

Pops Of Colour

There’s no denying that spring is a time for embracing colour. With trees blossoming and the lush green returning to the outdoors, our clothes should reflect the return of life. This colour doesn’t have to stay on your clothes, though! Consider adding some vivid hues into your jewellery box too.

Our Joy Beaded Necklace is ideal for anyone that loves all things colourful. This necklace contains a range of semi-precious faceted gemstones, each selected by Ana to ensure the rainbow colour palette is perfect. These gemstones are mixed with warm gold plated sterling silver for a sophisticated touch.

Ana Verdun Joy Beaded Necklace

A selection from ba&sh and ME&EM

Clothes: A selection from ba&sh and ME&EM

Jewellery For A Spring Evening

With the end of winter and the emergence of spring, many of us will be attending relaxed evening events and springtime celebrations. There’s nothing like stepping out into spring after a winter of hibernation, so make sure you’re dressed and ready to go!

If you’re looking for some jewellery to compliment your evening wear, we recommend the Stella Star Hoops in Black & Gold. These modern earrings offer a statement look with contemporary finishes. Ana designed these to fit straight through the ear, creating a versatile look from every angle. We love these for playful going out styles, especially when paired with black outfits.

Clothes: A selection from Ba&sh and ME&EM

Clothes: A selection from ba&sh and ME&EM

Warm Up With Some Gold

As soon as spring arrives, many of us swap into summer mode. From lighter fabrics to warmer tones, you’ll quickly notice streetwear and fashion take a warmer turn. If you’re starting to dress in brighter colours and warm pieces, we recommend choosing jewellery that matches this aesthetic.

The Hespe Star Pendant in Gold will add a touch of spring warmth to any outfit. This necklace features a fully gold-plated belcher chain and a dainty star pendant. If you’re searching for a versatile pick, consider this piece. This necklace never looks out of place, whether it’s daytime or evening.

Play With Textures

If you’re feeling experimental, you might want to opt for jewellery with an intricate texture. As spring arrives, it gives us a fresh slate for a new look. This is an excellent opportunity to start experimenting with style and jewellery, so be bold!

Our Sienna Earrings in Gold are ideal for anyone that wants a unique piece. Inspired by seeds, pods, and nuts, Ana designed this style when living in Barcelona. These earrings will add some intrigue to your outfit, so pair them with other bold fabrics for a mix of different finishes.

Sienna Earrings

Clothes: A selection from Ba&sh and ME&EM

Clothes: A selection from ba&sh and ME&EM

Are You Spring Ready?

The changing of the seasons brings in new energy and opportunities. This April, treat yourself to some new jewels and ensure your spring wardrobe is complete. Here at Ana Verdun, we’re always happy to answer any questions or queries - please feel free to reach out whenever you want!

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