Celebrate International Earth Day with Ana Verdun

April is full of celebrations. From Easter to the onset of Spring, this precious month is packed with reasons to be grateful.

One particular date that's important to us is 22nd April – International Earth Day.

At Ana Verdun, we celebrate all things natural and earthy, and we are grateful to be able to honour the connection with the materials we use to create our jewellery. We say 'honour' because our precious metals and gemstones are the magical produce of Mother Earth. We only use natural materials to make our jewellery.

Ana often talks about how lucky she feels to be able to take part in the process of transforming these raw materials into wearable gold, silver and gemstones, ultimately expressed through her jewellery designs.

This is a great day to reflect and appreciate the world around us.

The Sienna Earrings

What Is Earth Day?

April 22nd is a chance for us to take a step back and appreciate the world around us. For Earth Day 2022, the focus is on preserving and protecting our planet through sustainable actions and education.

We’re passionate about this cause. Not only does nature inspire Ana’s work, but it’s integral to the manufacturing process too. Ana’s handcrafted pieces are often made with recycled gold and silver and our studio strives to be environmentally friendly in every way possible. 


Can Jewellery Be Sustainable?

Sustainability is a crucial subject for Earth Day and celebrating nature. If we are going to celebrate the world we live in, we need to make sure we’re helping to preserve it.

Jewellery and fashion accessories often come under scrutiny when it comes to sustainability. Often, we see fast-fashion stores pumping out pieces with little care for the environment. While retail is improving, many brands can still do much more to protect the natural world by turning away from low-quality materials and unsafe and unethical manufacturing processes.

Ana Verdun Jewellery's view has always differed from the fast fashion approach. Here we aim to create pieces that will stay with you for life. When you shop with Ana Verdun, you’re investing in a piece made with dedicated craftsmanship, high-quality materials and great care. This way we can control each piece’s trajectory – knowing, for example, that no child labour or forced labour is involved.

We also pride ourselves on keeping our operations in-house and in the UK, paying competitive London wages and ensuring we can keep control over how materials are used and disposed of. We can also work closely with our trusted suppliers, nurturing long-term relationships and growing our businesses together. 

A little tale that shows our commitment…
Did you know that Ana once drove a 4-hour round trip from London to Birmingham just to dispose of 5 litres of old gold-plating solution? This was because it was the only way she could ensure the plating solution was going to be disposed of safely! Thankfully we don't have to do this too often we'll continue to do so until a better system is in place.

So there is still much more to be done in terms of recycling and safe disposal and we're constantly looking for better solutions and encouraging our suppliers to provide clearer information about their products.

The Golden Ophelia Necklace

Why Ana Verdun?

If you’re new to the world of Ana Verdun, welcome!

We strive to celebrate Mother Earth every day, not just on April 22nd. With one-of-a-kind pieces and fine materials, our jewellery is designed to be different. Ana also works closely with certified local suppliers and follows ethical guidelines to reassure all customers that the jewellery is of the highest quality.

A personal approach
We are a small business built on close relationships with our customers. Every transaction and piece of jewellery is just as important as the next. If you want something unique, we’re here to help.

We love creating bespoke pieces, whether we make something for you from scratch or we remodel your existing jewels. Remodelling is a wonderful way to save resources and use what you already have. We can help you "up-cycle" and preserve the symbolism of your family heirlooms. Explore our bespoke options here.

Final Thoughts

As the global focus shifts towards sustainability and environmental protection, we all need to make changes that protect the natural world. Whether you buy sustainable or just buy less, making small changes can make a big difference.

 Celebrate Earth Day 2022 with Ana Verdun. Find our popular collections online here.

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