Jewels inspired by these autumn colours

Hello again,

We’re well into autumn now and if you’re anything like me then you’ll appreciate what a feast for the senses it is! It’s a time of year when certain colours really get their moment to shine. In Venezuela, where I grew up, we don’t have four seasons so I really appreciate the marked changes in here in England. Plus, we South Americans are known for our love of colour – and autumn is the time of year that always makes me think of rich, lustrous gemstones and warm gold.

There’s Something About These Autumn Colours….

I’m sure you’ll agree that the autumn leaves provide a stunning backdrop, in glorious shades of vibrant green, orange, brown, red and yellow. It’s not just the colours either, the textures of autumn really fuel my imagination – the smooth, glossy chocolate-brown conkers and the greeny-grey rough hues of acorns. I find them strangely warm and comforting, while the outside temperatures are dropping :) 

So apart from the joy of crunching through the rivers of autumn leaves when I go for walks with my family, it’s also the time of year to consider some key wardrobe changes. And picking out some rich, warm jewels to match my outfits always piques my interest.

The beauty of accessories is that you don’t have to go out and buy a whole new set of clothes to welcome in the new season! Some carefully placed, stunning pieces to draw the eye can instantly transform an outfit into something that looks brand new.

Returning to the ‘80s!

As for this autumn’s fashion trends, there’s a definite nod to the 1980s. Shoulder pads are back as big, statement earrings and plunging necklines (which look incredible with a single, bold pendant to draw the eye). Knee-high boots are having more than a moment (I can’t wait to get my hands on a new pair!).

Be Bold With Colour

Yes, I know I talk about it a lot, but colour is super important for this season.  Everything seems to be sparkling and bright, gone are the days of monochrome black, grey and white, instead, there’s a rainbow of different shades adorning the high street, beckoning eager shoppers in and enticing them to dress up and feel joyous.

If you’re looking for the perfect accessories to complement your autumn wardrobe, one of my absolute favourite pieces has to be the Marguerite Drop earrings which feature a delicate flower that sits on your earlobe with an appealing garnet drop in a warm purple-red – ideal for autumn wear. 

Or, if you like a pop of green, these Gaea earrings are fascinating, set in 18-carat gold with oxidised silver framing emeralds, they embody the green, gold and deep brown tones of autumn and they’re dramatically head-turning.

For my customers who prefer classical dressing, in plain colours, I always suggest one, grand piece that demands attention.  A cocktail ring is something that instantly elevates any outfit – and the 9ct solid gold Adara Cocktail ring is ideal for the season – with a Citrine centrepiece that reminds me of those magnificent autumn leaves we're starting to see around us right now!  The hammered effect gives this ring real depth because it adds a natural tactile texture – another feature that's in keeping with autumn. This ring is bound to draw many admiring glances and it’s one of those pieces that deserves heirloom status.

Layering Is Still Important

If you do have a dress with a scooping neckline, or a deep V-neck and you want something to complete your outfit, why not consider some of the seasonal colours I’ve mentioned? I personally love the Olivia Pendant with a raspberry rhodolite garnet in an unusual princess cut, flanked by blue sapphires.  The 18-carat gold curb chain provides texture as a contrast to the smooth setting, and really makes it stands out – and what I particularly love about this pendant is that you can layer it with other necklaces (layering continues to be an important trend this autumn/winter).

Of course – these are all just my own suggestions!  My jewellery is designed to be individual and original, so I love to see how my customers style pieces from the collections. That said, I’d really like to see how you wear yours – so don’t forget to send me a photograph (or tag me on Instagram).

Right, the colourful outdoors is beckoning me again so I’m going to take the opportunity to crunch some leaves and see what natural treasures I find.

See you soon!

Love Ana and Alex