Thalia Ring - Smoky Quartz- Silver


Beaded or bobble stacking band, or a perfect solitaire Ring!
They are regal, these rings; there is a timeless quality to the design. And the full 22 carat gold vermeil evokes the ancient mediterranean cultures and luscious gemstones brought from afar to adorn elaborate dresses and manicured fingers. 

This delicate but never twee stacking ring is made in the very popular Bobble Stacking Ring. Cool, enigmatic, edgy, the white beaded ring and 22 carat gold vermeil cup holding the brooding smoky quartz invites you to look deep into its soul and discover what secrets it holds.

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MATERIALS:  Sterling Silver in 22 ct vermeil with 5mm round faceted Smoky Quartz gemstone.
CODE: N-R07sm

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