Sienna Earrings - 18ct Yellow & White Gold

These are Ana's signature earrings and have become a modern classic since she first designed them in 2004.

The Botanical theme of the Secret Garden Collection is based on and inspired by forest floor finds.

Ana and I lived in Barcelona for a while some years ago and the parks' forest floors were covered in these intricate seeds, pods and nuts, many of them from the Eucalyptus trees which are in great abundance in the region
The inspiration for these earrings came from the Eucalyptus gumnut, which looks a little like an acorn but has a much deeper cup shape to it.

This forms the top half of the charm. The bottom half is a completely different seed which has a beautiful shape and texture to it. The earrings have a lovely weight to them so they hang beautifully and are very eye-catching.

Ana: These are actually really tricky to make as the top half is from a hollow gumnut and the bottom half a very irregular seed shape. The seed has to find exactly the right position to fit and then be soldered in place.

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MATERIALS: 18ct yellow & white gold.
Size: H (21mm), W (9mm)

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