Lucy II Cocktail Ring - Ametrine - 18ct Gold, Silver & Diamonds


In a quaint and mysterious town nestled between rolling hills and a shimmering lake, there was a legend that whispered through the cobblestone streets. It spoke of four regal rings, each possessing a name and a charm that intrigued everyone who heard their tale. These rings were known as Lucy I, Lucy II, Lucy Ill, and Lucy IV, and they held the secrets of a long-lost era.

These rings, coveted statement pieces, held the hearts and imaginations of the townsfolk. They were a testament to the mystery and charm of their peculiar town, where silver, gold, gems, and diamonds spun tales of love, laughter, creativity, and leadership. Though their powers were steeped in legend, they served as a reminder that even in the most ordinary places, extraordinary stories could be woven with a touch of rebellious and playful charm.

Lucy II, on the other hand, was a playful soul with its enigmatic appeal. It belonged to the mischievous town playwright, Seraphina. With her quick wit and exceptional talent for storytelling, Seraphina was the life of every gathering. Lucy II sported an ametrine gemstone that seemed to mirror Seraphina's mischievous grin. Rumour had it that whoever wore this ring could bring laughter and joy to any situation, making Seraphina a beloved figure in the town.

An impressively chunky ring with an arresting centrepiece, Lucy II is guaranteed to steal the show!

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MATERIALS: 18ct yellow gold, sterling silver, ametrine & diamonds.
CODE: Lucy II-R-18ct-S

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