Unveiling Significance: Exploring Symbolism in Jewellery

In the realm of jewellery, every piece tells a story, and often, these narratives are woven with symbols that transcend mere adornment. Let's delve into the profound world of some of AVL symbolic motifs, unlocking the personal meanings behind common jewellery symbols.

Heart Symbol
The universally recognised heart shape goes beyond its romantic connotations. It symbolises love, yes, but also compassion, courage, and the intricate facets of the human spirit. Whether nestled in a pendant or etched delicately on a ring, the heart motif is a testament to emotional depth.

Queen Of Heart Bracelet- Reverie Earrings - Valentina Heart Locket

Reclaimed Heart Collection

Amorino Brooch
Valentina Heart Locket - Black &Gold
Valentina Heart Locket

Infinity Symbol (expressed by our Virtuous Circle)
The endless loop of the infinity symbol transcends time and space, embodying eternity, empowerment, and unending possibilities. A popular choice for bracelets and necklaces, it serves as a constant reminder of boundless potential and the enduring nature of relationships.

Virtuous Circle Charm - Gold Plated
Virtuous Circle Charm

Virtuous Circle Pendant

Hamsa Hand Symbol

Often found in intricate designs on rings or pendants, the Hamsa Hand is a symbol of protection against the evil eye in various cultures. Its open palm is believed to deflect negative energy, fostering a sense of security and spiritual well-being.

Hamsa Hand CharmHamsa Hand & Hespe Star Cluster
Hamsa Hand & Hespe Star Cluster Pendant

Lotus Flower Symbol
The lotus, emerging from murky waters to bloom in pristine beauty, represents purity, enlightenment, and resilience. Whether gracing a necklace or adorning earrings, the lotus is a powerful emblem of overcoming challenges and finding beauty in adversity.
Eleanor Ring - Pink Sapphires & Aquamarines

Sun Of Lotus - Cocktail Ring - Blue Topaz
Small Lotus - Stud Earrings
Small Lotus Studs - Gold

Star Symbol
Stars have long been symbols of inspiration, guiding lights, and aspirations. Across cultures, they represent hope, dreams, and the pursuit of knowledge. Metaphorically, stars illuminate the darkness, signifying resilience in challenging times. Whether used in literature, art, or religion, stars often embody the beauty and mystery that sparks human curiosity.

Hespe Star on Neo Hoops
Astra & HespeStars - Pendant

Stella Hoops - Black & Gold

Stella Hoops - Gold

Cross Symbol
Crosses hold significant symbolism across various cultures and religions but In fashion culture, crosses often serve as a powerful and versatile symbol. They can convey a range of meanings, from religious and spiritual themes to a rebellious or edgy aesthetic. Crosses motifs are frequently incorporated into jewellery, clothing, and accessories, contributing to a sense of individual style and personal expression. The cross's association with subcultures, like goth or punk, has influenced its adoption as a symbol of non-conformity and alternative fashion. Ultimately, the symbolism of crosses in fashion is dynamic, allowing individuals to infuse their style with diverse meanings and interpretations.

      Byzantine Cross & Zera Chain

Dasha Cross - Black & Gold
Dasha Cross - Black & GoldByzantine Long Pendant - Black Silver & Diamonds
Byzantine Long Pendant - Black Silver & Diamonds
Beamus Baby Foot Cross Charm - Black & Gold            Beamus Baby Foot Cross Charm - Black & Gold

Arrow Symbol

Arrows often symbolise love and connection, also associated with the meaning of direction, progress, and purpose. In various cultures, they can represent focus, determination, and the journey towards a goal. Additionally, arrows can symbolise protection or defense, as seen in archery. The way an arrow points can convey different meanings, such as moving forward or overcoming obstacles - often reflecting personal growth and determination.

Cupid's Arrow & Lulu Heart Brooch - Black & Gold              Cupid's Arrow & Lulu Heart Brooch - Black & Gold

Isadora Arrow and Heart Necklace - Black & Gold                   Isadora Arrow and Heart Necklace - Black & Gold
Heart Of Gold - Arrow & Heart Brooch
Heart Of Gold - Arrow & Heart Brooch
Amorino Arrowed Heart Brooch - Ruby
Amorino Arrowed Heart Brooch - Ruby

Bird Symbol
Birds often symbolise freedom, transcendence, and the spirit. Their ability to soar through the skies represents liberation from earthly constraints, while different bird species may carry distinct cultural meanings. For instance, the owl is often associated with wisdom, while the dove symbolises peace. The presence of birds in literature and art frequently conveys deeper themes of hope, transformation, and the ethereal connection between the material and spiritual realms.

Royal Birds - Hoop Earrings
Royal Birds - Hoop Earrings
Night Royal Bird Charm - Black & Gold

Peacocks are rich in symbolism across various cultures. In Hinduism, the peacock is associated with Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom. In Christianity, it can symbolise resurrection and immortality due to the belief that its flesh does not decay. The vibrant plumage is often linked to beauty, royalty, and integrity. Additionally, the peacock's ability to shed and regrow its feathers is seen as a metaphor for renewal and transformation. Overall, peacocks embody a blend of spiritual, regal, and aesthetic symbolism.
Royal Night Birds - Necklace
Royal Night Birds - Necklace
Mini Royal Night Birds - Chandelier Earrings
Mini Royal Night Birds - Chandelier Earrings

In conclusion, we believe jewellery becomes more than a mere accessory when infused with symbolic motifs. Each piece becomes a personal talisman, reflecting the wearer's journey, values, and aspirations - where they become a world discovery and deeper connection to the stories these symbols tell.