May Magic: Embracing Springtime With Jewels

Colours are everywhere now, and all our favourite trees are in full leaf - May brings a burst of energy and vitality and much to admire around us. 

As goldsmiths, May offers us an inspiring canvas for creativity and exploration, where designs are fuelled by the vibrant hues, intriguing textures and changing shapes around us.


Secret Garden - Stack - 18ct Gold

Capturing the essence of May's magic, many of our designs mirror the natural beauty of the season, with delicate florals, whimsical motifs and playful colours taking centre stage. From dainty flower pendants to intricately crafted seed-pod earrings, each piece embodies the spirit of renewal and growth that defines this time of year.


Fleur d'Stella Collection

For those seeking to add a touch of sparkle to their spring wardrobe, May offers an array of options, from shimmering gemstones to lustrous pearls.

Choose glittering diamonds, glowing citrines or the citrous green of the peridots, or whichever colour you prefer, and you'll be a radiant reflection of the abundant beauty that surrounds us in May.


Mini Ophelia Drop Earrings - Blue Topaz

Mini Ophelia with Blue Topaz 

So, let's embrace the warm sun and the gentle breezes of May, while celebrating the joy of self-expression through unique, handcrafted jewellery!

Whether it's a delicate charm bracelet or a bold statement necklace, May lets us dress lighter and let the jewellery do the talking — all in perfect step with the flourishing nature around us.

Zera Chain Necklace - 9ct Gold

The beautiful Zera shape and texture comes from the eucalyptus seed pods