A very special commission – Sarah and Joe’s remodelled necklace

“Now I have everything Joe has bought me in one extraordinary piece!”

What began as a curiosity – what was all that commotion in studio 1.03? – then a website visit and explicit instructions to pick out a pair of star earrings, soon became something altogether more enthralling…

Having fallen in love with her new star earrings, Sarah soon arranged to visit the studio, hoping she might find a ring to replace a lost engagement ring.

A ring did catch her eye, but so did the necklace in this picture…

Sarah already had a pretty amazing collection of pieces that her husband Joe had bought for her over the years.

Diamond rings, earrings with rubies, earrings with tourmalines, a stunning blue sapphire – all enchanting stones but all made into very traditional, dainty jewellery that Sarah simply never wore.

Would Ana, she wondered, be able to use some of these fabulous gemstones of hers to create something totally unique and exceptional?

Based on her original necklace, Ana set to work adapting the design and positioning Sarah’s stones.

The captivating heart-shaped blue sapphire could almost steal the show single-handedly, and embellished with 14 diamonds, it would be a worthy pendant by itself.

The many lustrous rubies could decorate the central golden circle, and the green tourmalines would guard the angelic pink sapphire in the centre of the cross.

“We’re delighted – a fresh and original design that incorporates our existing stones into a fresh and original design and format”

After approving the design and waiting in excited anticipation, the final pendant on a long gold chain was everything Sarah could have hoped for. Coupled with a new ring based on Ana’s Sabine design, Sarah can now enjoy wearing all of her treasured jewels!

“Delighted with the whole process. We would have no hesitation in recommending Ana to friends and family”

Could Ana help you too?

Perhaps more than anything else, Ana loves sitting down with you to get an idea of what you’d like, coming up with creative options and working through the design process together.

It’s thrilling to watch your own jewels be transformed through new ideas into beautiful new pieces. Ana would love to help you too!